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Stronghold Crusader Download Game

Stronghold Crusader Download Game

Stronghold Crusader Download Game

Stronghold Crusader Download Game Full Version

Stronghold Crusader is a well-known game on the whole world on several other titles. Stronghold Crusader is a continuation of the hit released dozens of years ago, in 2001 to be exact. The real-time strategy made by developing a team from FireFly studio takes us on the Middle East this time. The game takes place during the crusades, so it’s quite a big treat for all the fans not only for real-time strategies but also for history fans. It is available here: Stronghold Crusader Download. Click, download it and move back to the times of Crusades. The creator of the game is Simon Bradbury.

Stronghold Crusader Download Game

Stronghold Crusader Download

Game Stronghold Crusader is defined as a stronghold simulator. This statement is completely true because a player can create a stronghold from scratch, take care of its peasants and soldier who is living thereby giving them food or water. Satisfying the basic needs of your subjects or recruiting the army is just a small part of tasks that await for a player. One of the most important tasks is the defense of the stronghold and repulse attacks from hostile troops.

In the game, we can choose one of four campaigns. Very importantly, those can be campaigns led by European armies as well as led by Arabian warriors, commanded by the Saladin. Comparing to the previous part of this incredible game, we can see new units like mounted archers or grenadiers. The novelty is also water, or it’s better to say lack of it. It complicates our task and faces new goals before us because water is a fundamental need of the citizens and it should be satisfied in the first place. Try to play the second part of the Stronghold Crusader 2 game.

The advantage of the game is not only perfect gameplay but also a lot of options where we can choose siege machines and defensive means of defense. There are more than 25 units in the game. Defensive means of defense is among others huge choice of thick walls or a trou de loup (also known as wolf hole). A very interesting defensive measure of defense is boiling oil. Among the siege machines that can be chosen by the player, you can find interesting and at the same time very effective machines like ballistae, towers, trebuchets, and mangonels. Another big pro is an editor that gives you a possibility to create your own game scenarios. You can play solo but it’s not the only way. You can also play online thanks to multiplayer mode. In one game there can be up to eight players connected with the local network or simply by the Internet.

Game is defined as one of the best strategies of this kind and we should agree with that. It’s because the game provides a lot of game possibilities and a lot more hours of interesting gameplay. It’s worth to download it, see for yourself how life back in time looked like, create and develop your own stronghold. You don’t have to look for this fantastic game. Click Stronghold Crusader Download and in few moments have it on your computer. The recommended requirements are Pentium III 500 Mhz, 128 BM RAM memory, 850 MB HDD space.

Stronghold Crusader Download and install

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