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Lumion Pro 8 Crack (Keygen) for Mac/Win Download

Lumion Pro 8 Crack (Keygen) for Mac/Win Download

Lumion Pro 8 Crack (Keygen) for Mac/Win Download

Lumion Pro 8 Crack (Keygen) for Mac/Win Download

Lumion PRO: is the most popular program for graphic designing with 3D sketches, it is the best 3D architecture tool. The best opportunity in this program is its own designing built-in features. In the past rendering was not easy as it is now a day due to professional and amazing designing programs. This program helps the designer to create building sketches and make them in a video form. Before the advanced era of technology, it was very costly to do designing and it takes a lot of time for this so. and the same process we can do now within a few hours and save precious time through work efficiency.

Lumion Pro 8 Crack (Keygen) for Mac/Win Download
Lumion Pro 8 Serial Key is being used all over the world for 3D designing. The designer prefers this program because of its ultimate features of performing designing modules. It allows adding peoples, flying bird, cars, trees, etc. User is free to add anything independently and very quick. Lumion 8 Pro Crack has new models, new vehicles, new trees, bushes, and plants. It doesn’t work on shared screens, such as TeamViewer, Windows Remote Desktop. Program is completely designed easy to understand and user-friendly. It allows you to import Sketchup data and other files like .dae, .skp, .fbx, and .dwg, etc from CAD software packages.
Lumion main features : 

  • 3D models import improvement.
  • More accurately and detail lights.
  • Improved materials surfaces.
  • 3D models import improvement.
  • Updated 3D animated object.
  • Updated animated spotlight effect.
  • Updated Management option.
  • Updated Shadow and objects.
  • Updated autumn generator effect.
  • Updated Faster rendering.
  • Updated Support for 3D models.
  • Updated PureGlass rendering.
  • Updated Reflection technology.

Lumion Pro 8 provides an AIO alternative for 3D visualization and incredibly well suited for making video computer animation, rendering and live demonstrations for film-building, 3D architecture, designers, urban planners, and extra. Lumion offers an array of effects with high quality (including built-in and third-acquire together plug-ins) such as plants, animals, human beings, grass, clouds, light, and many other including indoor or outdoor effects, effects, and materials. Lumion is fully compatible with all 3D pattern software, such as SketchUp, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, etc.


OS                         (64-bit) Win 10,8,8.1, and win 7
CPU                      A CPU with at least 8000 Pass Points
HDD                      20GB
RAM                     8GB Minimum
DX                         DirectX 11 or later
Resolution           1600x1080p minimum
Graphics Card    At least 2000 Pass Points with 2GB memory


  • Prevent Lumion 8.0 professional from accessing internet > turn off your internet for a while (block via firewall “Recommended”)
  • After that install > Run > Lumion PRO.
  • Run “keymaker.exe” as administrator “IMPORTANT”
  • After that > Click Bottom right “button” in the “keymaker.exe” and paste the Lumion code into it.

(Lumion code is the code showing in the first box of the Lumion activation windows)

  • Keymaker.exe will ask you to save the “.txt file” > so save it. (anywhere you want)
  • Open the .txt file (saved earlier) and copy everything from the second line “included” until the last line before “SerialNumber” is written.
  • Paste the copied “code” in the activation box of “Lumion” and the “benchmark” then the “program”.

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